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Next school closure dates:
Monday 27th May to Sunday 2nd June

Next Belt Gradings:
Lower School (LD, KK1, KK2 & KK3) – w/c 20th May (updated)
KK4 – Weds 26th June
Adults (below black belt) – Thursday 27th June (in class)
Seniors & Adult Dan grading – Saturday 20th April – 1pm

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See our ‘How to tie a karate belt’ video below..

Interested in why we do what we do?
Checkout this interview with Sensei Mike, where he talks about what we do at Team Black Belt, and how everything he does, from curriculum to teaching & discipline style, is all rooted in developing confidence and ability in students of all ages. We’ve popped it on to YouTube for easy access, so if you’d like to find out more about who you’re entrusting your children to, please take a listen..

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